Shipping and Logistics

Shipping Lines Agents

Naouri Group is one of the biggest shipping lines agents at Aqaba Container Terminal, with a market share of around 20%. We are proud to represent some of the largest international and regional container, roro, and general cargo shipping lines.

We are highly committed to supreme sales and customer service, thorough market analysis and effective communications with our principals, efficient and experienced operations to our vessels, and to deploying the latest technologies throughout our processes.

Airlines Cargo GSA

Naouri Group is the cargo GSA for Fly Dubai, Air Algerie, Oman Air, Syrian Air, and other airlines. Our respected name and our dominantshare in the local market allows us to guarantee consistently high cargo loading factors on every flight, for all airlines we represent.

Freight Forwarding

Naouri Group’s freight forwarding division is considered among the biggest logistics service providers in Jordan, and has the second largest market share in outbound air freight.

We are IATA accredited, and founding (and current) members in CASS (Cargo Agents Settlement System). Our Chairman was also the Champion of the idea of establishing a national association to represent logistics companies in Jordan; he headed the founding committee of the Jordan Logistics Association and was elected as its first Chairman.

We represent some of the largest international freight forwarding companies, and our freight forwarding team consists of over 70 members with high expertise.

Projects Forwarding

Naouri Group has a team of logistics experts dedicated to handling special projects. In the past few years, we have successfully handled a number of oil and energy, break bulk, and heavy-lift projects in Iraq and in Jordan. Our client portfolio include international oil and gas companies such as Petronas, Lukoil, and Weatherford, in addition to some of the largest worldwide and local construction and manufacturing companies, and military diplomatic parties.

We have the expertise to execute a task from A to Z, including obtaining the duty exemption, completing customs clearance, handling vessels and discharge of their cargo. We are also experienced in managing the land transport process, including preparation of the trucks, on-route storage, and coordination with the security convoys. We can also coordinate with inspection companies and surveyors, stage and discharge cargo, and prepare full camps and their facilities.


Customs Clearance

Naouri Group's customs clearance division is the largest in Jordan, in terms of both market share and reach. With over 150 staff members working in 22 customs points throughout Jordan, we guarantee a complete and cost effective solution to our large and diversified portfolio of clients.

We were also the first - and to this day the only - customs clearance company in Jordan to qualify for Jordan Customs Golden List Program, which evaluates the compliance of companies involved in the supply chain to the customs requirements and international safety standards.

Packing and Removal

Naouri Group has a team of professional packers, movers, and carpenters. We are members of IAM network, and have executed some of the biggest packing and removal projects in Jordan. Our top projects include moving Queen Alia International Airport from the old terminal to the new one, moving the headquarters of Jordan Passport Department, moving the headquarters for one of the biggest commercial banks in Jordan, and the packing and installation of prefabs for the United Nations (UN).

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Naouri Group has a warehouse in Queen Alia International Airport Free Zone, and another one in Amman. In Iraq, we own a storage yard 40 kilometers north of Umm Qasr Port. Through subcontracting agreements with warehouse management companies, we also have access to warehouse space in many areas around Jordan, Iraq, and the West Bank. Our warehouses are all secured with CCTV systems and guards, and we use advanced warehouse management systems.